Thursday, March 24, 2011

[ITALY][Florence] Enjoying the Last Moments

From: Tara Rose Stromberg
To: James Morrison
Sent: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 17:24:16
Subject: guess who's procrastinating

i know i know, im breaking the rhythm of emailing back and forth, but i needed to get away from my script before it ate my soul, and i also wanted to tell you i got your letter, and send you a picture that i thought you would get a kick out of, and to ask you how things are pulling thru with the film.

so yeah, script. im rewriting it. its due thursday. and i can't concentrate because this is my last week and i want to be done. DONE. you hear me!!???? sorry, im a little hyped up on caffeine. which doesnt seem to be doing anything but make me ultra-sensative to usually unprovoking stimuli. and make me spout crazy biology crapola.

and i got your letter. and it made my day. you dont know how happy it made me. there is so much i'd like to say in response, but i rather tell it you in person.

how is everything????? are you all wrapped up? when are you coming back to nyc??? i was actually thinking that maybe, MAYBE, if you were free and back by then, and didn't mind, and don't think its really rude of me to ask, you could come and meet me at JFK instead of my parents and i could stay overnight with let me know when ur getting back, if this is okay. i just dont know how much stuff you have to do when u get back, so no pressure, because i know ur gonna be tired and jetlaagged, and have lots of mail and shit to get done.

so i think thats about it, and i just spent a good amount of time procrastinating doing something pretty damn good i would say. anyways, im sure ill talk to you soon once you get all settled and everything. hope ur doing alright and that ur starting to relax and feeling damn good about your film, cause you should be.

anxiously waiting to pounce on you and talk ur ear off,



From: James Morrison
To: Tara Stromberg
Sent: Thu 6/22/06 5:21 AM
Subject: guess who's procrastinating‏


sounds great. editing at my friends house right now & snuck onto his aunts computer to check e-mails. Am going back to New York this saturday i'm 90% sure & should be back in late this saturday night.

Have to get to work ASAP, but would love to pick you up from the airporto.
When do you get in?

see you soon!


Friday, April 9, 2010

[ITALY][Florence] Matchgirl Notes

Initial MatchGirl Pitch for 35mm Film

A little girl roams the streets late New Year’s night, with no shoes on her feet and tattered clothing. She clutches a handful of matches, reluctant to return home to her father without collecting any money for the day. She crouches into a small corner of a building and begins to light the matches one by one in an effort to keep warm. Each time, she is blessed with a heavenly image of warmth and cheer that lifts her spirits and bring faith that continues to shine up until the last moments of her brief life. Through the beauty her extravagant visions and pure soul, and the love she continues to hold towards her departed grandmother, there is a glimmer of hope. Based on the Hans Christian Anderson tale, the gloom and cruelty of the cold world in which she has been victim to is momentarily overshadowed by the innocence of a child. 


From: Professor Christopher Kelly
Sent: Monday, June 19, 2006 5:48 pm
To: Tara Rose Stromberg

Dear Tara,

Thanks for the mail. In my view, you've made tremendous strides these last weeks. Your revisions have been sharp, thoughtful, and bold. The result is a much clearer and, indeed, far more interesting, cinematic script.

With respect to the 35mm project, it's entirely possible that you're simply putting too much pressure on yourself. Try working with a journal, longhand, anything that will help to introduce obstances into your process.

It may be that one of the issues that you're facing has to do with the diff compositional methods nec for shorts against longer projects. More likely, though, it seems that there's a prevailing concern in aligning the "possibility" (the script-in-development) with the "actual" (either the reality or the source material). 

In this instance, the only thing to do is to WRITE, WRITE, WRITE.

That is the ONLY means of redress.

You're on the right track!



Wednesday, April 7, 2010

[ITALY][Rome] Photo Album

The Colosseum

Palatine Hill

Roman Forum

Fountain de Trevi

Vatican Art

Statue in the Vatican

Halls of the Vatican

[ITALY][Rome][Pompeii] More News from Overseas

From: James Morrison
Sent: Mon 6/12/06 6:08 PM
To: Tara Rose Stromberg
where have all the vanilla shakes gone...?‏

I arrived back in Ventura last night. Slept till about noon today & just went and had lunch with Nathan. Once again in this crappy library with the slowest computers in the world!!!

I forgot how soon you are leaving Italy, hope my letter reaches you in time, but if not it will be nice to know there is a paper with my handwriting sitting somewhere in an unopened envelope in Italy.

Still have a few scenes to shoot in Ventura & should be wrapped by the end of this week. Ian is getting surgery on his arm tomorrow (he broke it about a month ago & the bone grew wrong or something) So, everyone is a bit confused as to how we are going to finish, but camera men are a dime a dozen in these parts.

I look like a Mexican. I thought I should tell you this. It's the absolute truth. Standing in the desert for days on end will do this to you. You know how much I like mexicans & how well I do the voice, so this should hopefully work out for me; my new look of Spanish heritage.

How is that ol' foot of yours?

Rome sounds amazing & I'm sure it's beautiful. Did you see Indiana Jones diggin around the ruins? If you didn't maybe you saw a lil chinese kid digging around, and he could stand in for Short Round.

Today is the first day in a week now where we are not shooting anything. I hate it. It's nice to sleep and all, but it's kind of depressing to have to slow back down to real life. Tomorrow and the next day I'll be back at it again, but with Ian's absence I'm not really sure what's gonna happen.

My phone stopped working. I can't remember if I told you that or not. I can receive calls & hear people, but they cannot hear me. Way to go phone! It actually hasn't really worked since I got here. I really don't care. I hate talking on phones anyway, but I fear that some people in NY who I would usually talk to might think that I don't want to talk to them, or something stupid like that.

Try to worry about money only to the extent that you are accomplishing something. If there's nothing you can do- just keep spending and go in dept. It'll be worth it. If you had money & were rich with it you'd probably be an asshole like most the people who are rich are. So, fuck money, it's no good unless you want to spoil yourself & have an easy less interesting life. The only downside is an unwelcomed great amount of peanut butter & jelly, but it could always be worse.

Your pictures looked beautiful. I thought you cut your hair! It does not look cut. I hope I get to see it real short, because that'd be cool.

Have you picked a story to do for your 35 yet? I really like the one about umbrellas, that sounds like a story right up your alley & i'd love to see that one.

Be careful & enjoy them crazy landscapes.



From: Christine Stromberg
Sent: Thursday, June 15, 2006 3:56 pm
To: Tara Rose Stromberg
Subject: Re: where has my family gone?

Tara, I'm sorry I did not get back to you sooner. It has been CRAZY here. Dad was away with the Legion in Wildwood for four days, I was with the kids and had to do grades, make up final exams, complete the union database account, print a status for the members, prepare for Ceri's graduation and she was sick the day before. Uncle Mike has been back and helped out with the kids, dropping Lili off at school while dad was away; but the most stressful has been that grandma went back into the hospital, she had ruptured spleen(like out of nowhere??)fortunately the bleeding stopped and no surgery was necessary. Grandma is doing well but is not yet rady to go home, so I have been traveling to the hospital as often as I can and emailing was always the last on my list of things to do..

Although you certainly were not last on my list.

Grandma asks about you every time i visit.

I know you are concerned about your account. I went to the bank and got a balance as well as access to the account via the web, which will not be active for a couple of days. Currently , as of yesterday their is 311.00 dollars I will put some money in on Friday and email you with the amount.

I love you lots and we miss yo terribly, but we a re thrilled you are enjoying your time over their.

areviderci for now (Spelling??) help)


Thursday, March 25, 2010

[ITALY] Writing Task: Identity Monologue

From: Professor Christopher Kelly
Sent: Saturday, June 17, 2006 8:48 am

Dear Tara,

Outstanding work last night. Very theatrical, moving, honest, and funny.

Well done!!!!




Writing in Florence/Professor Chris Kelly
June 13, 2006
Acting Piece: Identity” by Tara Rose Stromberg

NOTE: This piece was preformed in front of a student audience for critique. We each picked a theme out of a hat. Mine was "Identity."

NARRATOR: Just like every God-fearing Christian in town, Mrs. Claire Newman takes great pride in attending Sunday mass.

[Outer Claire begins to stroll and greet “church-goers” in the audience. Inner Claire is hidden behind her, following suite.]

OUTER: Hello there Anne Marie!

CLAIRES: (Inner slides to the left of outer, as she simultaneously does the same, waving gesture) How lovely to see you!

[Inner, still somewhat behind of the Outer Claire, continues to imitate each gesture and facial expression as Outer.]

OUTER: Oh, Ms. Nesbit, I’d love to talk with you later about this week’s St. Peter Pot Luck...

INNER: (shakes head for a moment, embarrassed, then mumbles) St. Peter Pot Luck....?

CLAIRES: (Inner returns to cheeryness and follows Outer)...don’t forget to remind me!

OUTER: Martha you look positively darling in that dress, why you look twenty years younger-

INNER: -Older....(grimacing in disgust.)

[Outer giggles nervously and tries to compose herself.]

OUTER: How do you stay so fit? Are you on a new diet?

INNER: (sarcastically sweet) The Hostess plan; ten Twinkies per meal?

OUTER: Oh you’re too much! Heaven’s no....not me. (proudly) I’ll never diet-I don’t deny myself of any food...

INNER: (thoughtfully) ...unless it has calories...

CLAIRES: (doting) Oh, Father Pat! How good to see you again....

OUTER: Oh, I’m doing wonderful.

A beat.

CLAIRES: (changing her tone) family...?

[They both freeze. Outer stands smiling, but stiff. Inner wears a threatened and fearful expression, standing the same way. ]

OUTER: ..yes, the rest of the family is a little busy today, I’m afraid, so they won’t be coming. Last night, Harold was simply drowning in paperwork...

INNER: (through her teeth) ...and a bottle of Jack Daniel’s...

OUTER: And the kids are at my mother-in-laws for the weekend.

INNER: I have no idea what my children are doing.

OUTER: Oh, well of course!..

CLAIRES: ....Bonnie is doing so much better now! She’s out of the hospital and back in school. She was a bit ill, and had felt a little faint-

INNER: -on account of the all the acid she took-

CLAIRES: -but she’s fine now!

[They wave goodbye to Father Pat, adjust their clothing, and breathe in deeply in preparation.]

NARRATOR: During mass, Mrs. Newman always prays with great admiration and love towards the Lord.

[Both Claire’s kneel, one next to the other, hands folded. Outer Claire’s eyes begin to wander along with Inner’s. Outer Claire tries to resist but is obviously distracted.]

CLAIRE’S: Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name...

INNER: (annoyed) Jesus, I thought we said this one already...

CLAIRE’S: Thy kingdom come,

INNER: (rolling eyes) This is fucking dumb...

OUTER: On Earth, as it is in heaven...

INNER: (looking around uncomfortably) ...and I’m in hell...

OUTER: Give us this day our daily bread...

INNER: (looking at someone in congregation hungrily) Oooh, Ben Harper, hottie at twelve o’clock...

OUTER: ...and forgive us our trespasses....

INNER: I’d like to get my hands on those hot buns of his...

[Outer begins to say the prayer towards her inner self, trying to shut her up.]

OUTER: As we forgive those who trespass against us...

INNER: (her face becomes horrified) Is he sitting with that tramp Carrie??!!!

OUTER: And lead us not into temptation...

INNER: I could bang him better than she ever could...

OUTER: ...but deliver us from evil...

INNER: I will kill that slimy little bitch...

CLAIRES: (standing up, triumphant in those words) Amen!

[She freezes, feeling stupid.]

NARRATOR: Ms. Newman always enjoys sharing God’s blessings with others.

[Outer and Inner Claire both shake people’s hands, each next to eachother, both smiling sweetly, while Inner Claire mumbles through her teeth.]

OUTER: (whispers) Peace be with you...Peace be with you...

INNER: I don’t even know who the fuck this is...

OUTER: (whispers) Peace be with you...

INNER: This chick’s in desperate need of a manicure...

OUTER: (whispers) Peace be with you...

INNER: Eww, your hands are GROSS...

OUTER: (whispers) Peace be with you..

INNER: I hate you’re guts...

OUTER: (whispers) Peace be with you...

[They each sit, Inner plopping down looking annoyed and exhausted.]

NARRATOR: At once, Mrs. Newman is filled with the joy of other’s love.

OUTER: Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ.

INNER: (head in hands) I feel so goddamn retarded right now....

NARRATOR: Peace be with you.

OUTER: And also with you.

INNER: Oh, just shut the fuck up...

NARRATOR: And when the time comes for Confession, Mrs. Newman withholds nothing from the Lord.

[Inner Claire goes behind Outer Claire, as she sits as in a confessional, both their hands folded.]

CLAIRES: Forgive me father for I have sinned

OUTER: (hesitant)...uh...twice...

INNER: Ten times.

OUTER:....three times...

INNER: Seven.


CLAIRES: Five, five times this week.

OUTER: I took a grape from the supermarket without paying for it.

INNER: I also pocketed a grapefruit and a box of Advil.

OUTER: I lied and said that the slice of cake I gave Anne Marie was fat free.

INNER: ...after I spit in the batter.

OUTER: I believe I was a little too harsh with my children. I told them to shut up Wednesday morning...

INNER: (trying to get closer to screen to speak) I told them to shove a goddamn sock down their throats....

OUTER: (swatting her away) I was trying to shoo my little one away from the hot stove...

INNER: (now proclaiming it into Outer Claire’s ear)...using a four inch butcher knife...

OUTER: I was on the phone with my mother, and I was very disrespectful.

INNER: I made her cry.

OUTER: She wasn’t being fair. 

INNER: She was being an insensitive whore.

OUTER: (shaking her head, getting upset, trying to cover it up) Uhh...and the other day Mr. Harper was helping me with groceries, and he kissed me...

INNER: (she clenches Outer’s shoulders, holding her back) I kissed him!

OUTER: (resisting) I...I put my arms around him-

INNER: (clenching her harder) -put my hands down his pants!

OUTER: (fighting her) I didn’t know he was married!

INNER: We hid in their bedroom closet when she came back for her keys!

OUTER: (almost breaking down) My husband means the world to me!

INNER: He’s a useless pile of shit!

OUTER: I think about him all the time...

INNER: ...only when I’m fucking someone else!

OUTER: He’s always there for me! -together- INNER: He’s never there for me!

OUTER: I love him! -together- INNER: I hate him!

OUTER: I love my life! -together- INNER: I hate my life!

CLAIRES: (They are holding on to each other in grief) I’m lonely!!!!